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Barrier gate 08
Boom: 3.5 meter 
Up/down Speed: 5 seconds
Power: 200 W
Entry Box: 700x430x1230 mm
Boom AD board: 3000x750 mm
Entry Box AD: 920x460 mm
Cooling engine activation: 50 degree
Windproof sensor: 10 adjustable levels (optional)
LED power: 25 W
Working voltage: 220V 50Hz
Working temperature: -25 to 60 degree
Humidity: ≤95%
Remote control: ≤30 meters
Input interface: 12V
1. Waterproof barrier gate and boom.
2. Easy-to-assemble AD board.
3. Anti-bump car function.
4. Manul or remote control the boom.
5. Vehicle detector detector optional (automatically up/down the boom if detectors assembled).
6. Standard interface, easy to integrate with your exist system.
7. Backup battery to revert the AD board when the mains power is cut, so you can still up the boom.
8. LED can be set to light only at night.
9. Windproof sensor optional (protect the AD board by reverting it when wind is strong).
10.Double supporting poles and suction cups to make the AD board stable.
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